31 October 2007

Scott's memory

Yesterday a girl I work with said that one of her uni classmates has a "photogenic memory".

I tried really hard. I promise I did.

Then I pissed myself laughing.

She was a little offended., but I assured her I was laughing at the mental images it generated, not at her being dumb.

I hate photogenic memories, they always look so much better in photos than my memory does. My memory always looks like a mad escapee from a hair factory explosion.

29 October 2007

Scott's god

Wait on... is God part of nature, or is he supernatural, not of this earth?

If the latter is true, then god isn't natural and humans should shun God!

I do, which is why I worship a small orange called Bert.

Ahhh, peace with you, my brother in Bert.

Is that the one near Claire's desk that has offerings of confectionary and plastic containers to appease it nearby?

I am glad to hear that you and your colleagues know the correct way to honour the sacred image of Bert.

Bert is all-knowing and all-powerful. Fear his citrus wrath!

For verrily did not the prophet Josephin of Mandarin say "thou shalst bringeth unto him an offering of small, useful containers that you shall stack in a great heap until one day when you open the cupboard door and they all fall out on the kitchen floor."

"That day shall be the Sabbath of Bert," didst Josephin decree. "The true believer of bert shalt not engage in forbidden activities on the Sabbath of Bert. For full details of forbidden activities, please consult the Cult of Bert intranet, updated daily."

"For shouldst thou undertake a forbidden activity in the presence of the Lord Bert, great shall be his wrath and he shall smite thou from on high, declaring "Pwned!!! Noob! lol!""

28 October 2007

Scott is diseased

I don't want your diseases

Scottness is contagious. Soon you'll all be infected and my evil spazzy plan to take over the world will have come to fruition. Muahahahaahahahaha ooo cheese!

Scott writes a book for Oprah

Not even if I plan to write a book that would appear on Oprah Winfrey's 'Book of the Month Club'?

You don't want that

mmmm....it does tend to make the authors a lot of money....

"Let me tell you about this month's book! This is best book you'll ever read! Its called "How to Love the Man You Love Who Doesn't Love You Loving Him While Learning How to Release Your Inner Strength and Achieving Financial Security and Thinner Thighs in 30 Days!"

But you wouldn't take it seriously and it'd be a huge laugh... and well its Oprah

It'd be fun.

"So tell me Scott, why did you decide to write this book?"
"Let me tell you Opie, if I can call you Opie, I looked at the lazy, incapable, braindead people in your audience and thought to myself "I can screw them over....I mean, I can help them achieve everything they've ever wanted!" and, well, it just flowed on from there. All I've ever wanted to do is to screw...uh, help your audience and I'm glad so many people have learnt so much from buying my book for the exorbitant price its being sold for."

Scott on literature and populist trash

Literature: books typically featuring little plot, characterisation, or structure but full of vaguely evocative prose hinting at hidden feelings of something or other. typically features a poor orphaned peasant child from a former USSR republic, abused by those around him, who find solace sitting by the village well looking at the clouds and dreaming of the day he can own a shiny new goat of his own.

Populist trash: books typically overloaded with so much plot that they practically leap out and slap you silly. often feature multiple story threads, characters with multiple (and occasionally conflicting) motivational story arcs, bounding leaps of logic, and, best of all, an immense sense of fun and enjoyment.

I like to read stuff that is fun and goes somewhere amazing, or at the very least interesting. i feel both those aspects are somewhat lacking in literature.


'The cloud shadows moved over the prone form of Igorovich Kolopsky like the shifting veils of belly dancer, revealing and then hiding tantalising glimpses of his street orphan form. And yet, lost in the liquid haze of memory and the slow burning fire lit by his last hit of morphine, all that occupied his mind's eye was the image of his grandfather's favourite goat...'

Populist Trash:

'Detective Igorina Kolopsky moved like a panther, her black leather military police uniform clinging to her figure like a drunk and his bottle of methylated spirits. Observing the carnage wrought by the latest appearance of vampiric werewolf zombie fiends, she fingered the trigger of her ridiculously powerful handgun and licked her lips, causing the blood pressure to immediately spike in her fellow officers....'

"She moved like an oiled leopard on roller skates, gliding across the room with barely a squeak. He'd been following her for at least 2 hours now and he'd had to admit that she was good. He'd almost lost her in Picadilly Circus, when the moonlight had shone off her tightly leather clad arse and temporarily blinded him, but he'd been saved but a timely cloud and was able to pick up her trail again by following the comatose and drooling men left in her wake."

23 October 2007

Scott creates logic

anything is possible.

hmm, I don't think it is

bah! anything! follow quantum theory deep enough and its entirely probably that the universe is populated with chairs. in fact follow the logic deep enough and it becomes almost impossible that its not filled with chairs.

19 October 2007

Scott uncovers the kittens' master plan

"Soon, my fuzzy brothers and sisters, soon we will have absorbed the world's supply of cuteness and then we will be able to take over the world! The world shall bow before us, the new fuzzy masters! Muahahahahaha!! But first I need to petted and tickled under the chin."

"Representatives of the United Nations! behold your new leader!"
"Awwwwwww, he's so adorable!"
"Yes, adorable. My unchallenged adorability shall control you. Your wills are now mine."
"Awww, okay kitty kitty. Whatever you say."

18 October 2007

Scott on James

Stock market analysts were taken by surprise today by an intense flurry of trading in Suck shares. Analysts have suggested that much of the activity was the result of the James Corporation making a run on Suck shares through a variety of hedge funds. Chief analyst at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was reported as saying that "clearly James am teh suck".

16 October 2007

Scott's great political wit

"Good lord Henry! Did you hear the news?? They're claiming Howard is 'aping' George Bush!"
"What?? I will not stand for that at all! Its my duty to write a letter to the editor on behalf of all of us great apes! Are we not intelligent, cultured and possessing of superior social and tool using skills?"
"Indeed, Henry. But don't forget to fling poo at them as well."
"Of course not Richard, one can never forget to fling poo"

Scott imagines a Tasmanian astronaut

"Congratulations, Commander Mushkin, you are the first Tasmanian to walk inspace!"
"Thank you ground control. Its really amazing out here! The Earth is so very beautiful, I'm moved to give my own tribute."
"Mushkin, this is shuttle commander Johsnon, what the hell do you think you're doing?"
"I brought along a bottle of champagne to celebrate the moment. It probably got a bit shaken up during liftoff but I'm sure it's still good."
"What?! Were you asleep during the NASA training? Do you have any idea -"
*pop* *woosh*
"*sigh* Ground Control, this is the shuttle Magical Trevor. We have a premature re-entry of one Tasmanian astronaut."

Scott and James discuss the empire

"I say, Sir Reginald, these natives don't seem to be at all keen to become part of the Empire. Perhaps the Royal Society should have embarked on some research before sending us to colonise them?"
"Research. Bottomley? Pah! One does not need research! One simply does! We are men of action, what?! I say....gack!"
"Sir Reginald? Sir? Oh dear. What do you think, Gerald?"
"I think Sir Reginald should have researched how to avoid getting speared in the throat, Sergeant."
"Wise as as ever, Gerald."


"I say, Sir Ramsbottom, this Africa thingummy. It seems to be rather... larger than anticipated."
"Dashed indecent of these fuzzywuzzies, in my opinion, Flatley. Once we've colonised we'll have to trim the place down a bit."
"Yes, that will be splendid, once we've colonised it. For now, though... I hate to be a bother, Sir, but we do only have three days' worth of cucumber and watercress sandwiches. That rather dusky fellow suggested our trip down the Congo may take weeks."
"Good heavens, man! You know what this means?"
"Yes. We'll have to eat the local, ah, cuisine."
"Yes, and me with my gippy tummy."
"The dusky fellow I was speaking to said we should have done some research before coming."
"Research! Gad! The nerve of him! We are Englishmen! If the world does not conform to our uneducated expectations, then that is the world's fault!"

12 October 2007

Scott writes medical dramas

After this story

"Get me a vodka and orange, stat!"
"But doctor, you can't drink in the operating theatre!"
"Dammit! This man's life is in danger! If we don't cure his sobriety in the next few minutes he'll be dead!"

Scott write children's cartoons

Meanwhile, it was only about a year ago that I found out that Spongebob actually ISN'T a piece of cheese.

and here I was think that the word "sponge" in his name was a definite clue...

Yes, but that would be logical.

Hey kids, stay tuned for our next cartoon "Hermit Crab Jones Who Lives In a Bucket at The Bottom of a Filth Pond". Its about a talking gherkin that lives on the moon!

10 October 2007

Scott on the gay bomb

After viewing this art work

Is it called "Rainbow Brite Demonstrates Nuclear Capability"?

Not that I am aware of


"General Pansy, how much damage can we expect from this attack?"
"I've prepared some diagrams, Mr President. As you can see ground zero will have an effective radius of 5 miles from the epicentre. Anyone caught within ground zero will be immediately i-gay-diated."
"Dear god!"
"Beyond ground zero there'll be what I call the 'I Like it Both Ways' zone. We figure this will have a radius of roughly 10-15 miles and while it won't turn everyone inside it gay, it will definitely affect their sexual orientation to some degree and we do expect a dramatic rise in the number of tight leather pants being worn."
"The horror!"
"Outside of these zones the effects should be less but will also be unpredictable. We don't know how far these will spread but we're already seeing affects as far away as us here in Washington."
"How so, General?"
"Well for example before the attack my uniform wasn't pink and my name was General Studly McButch."

5 October 2007

Scott has weird dreams

So last night I dreamt that I was some kind of an expert on Egyptian occult, specifically the malevolent spirit of Tutankhamun, who was apparently quite evil and demonic. Some kind of Discovery channel/live stage act team managed to set his spirit free despite my warnings and protestations, and then I had to embark on a quest to recapture his spirit. For some reason this meant teaming up with a bunch of violent outlaw redneck truck drivers. This also meant we had to gather at a brothel/truckstop on the outskirts of Brisbane......the logic seems to be missing. Anyway, the spirit of Tut found us there and burnt the brothel to the ground, incinerating several hundred people mid coitus, except my squad of violent repulsive truck drivers who hadn't yet got round to choosing who they wanted to sleep with, and except me who'd gone to bed early in order to regain my strength for the showdown with Tut. We then traced his spirit to a nearby Coles supermarket and I decided to try to summon and bind him in the fruit and veg section. However, as I was uttering my binding chants I realised that was I chanting was absolute nonsense but decided to keep going on the grounds that it sounded vaguely mystical and Egyptian. It didn't fool the truck drivers, who started getting a bit angry but it still worked and Tut was summoned. As I was attempting to trap him in the body of an empty-headed fashion model I'd brought along specifically for the task, I woke up.

I think my subconcious comes up with such bizarre dreams deliberately in order to piss of dream readers.

4 October 2007

Scott on snorns

so what is a snorn?

long drawn out snore?

it sounds almost alive

Its alive! And not alice as I first typed

Alice the Snorn

*laugh* That could be an interesting character.

Or just weird... "Oh I name my snores, they're such a different part of me"

"And here comes Alice now..... guuurrghrururrgrurrurururururururhruhruhrrhurhrrrsncukryfyr"