27 March 2007

Scott is masculine

i have you know i fight like a man........a girly man

Scott provides outstanding customer service

James wrote:


*ring ring*
James: Good morning, [company name], James speaking.
Salesperson: Hello, may I speak to the person in charge of your computer system please?
J: Uh, sorry, what is this in regard to?
S: This is in regard to your printing services.
J: Oh, is this a sales call?
S: I'm just calling to give some information and a quote.
J: Has anybody here actually called you to request a quote?
S: No.
J: So this is an unsolicited sales call?
S: Um...
J: Thank you but we are quite happy with our current computer arrangements. Good bye.

*ring ring*
J: Good morning, [company name], James speaking.
S: Hello, may I speak to the person in charge of your computer system please?
J: Uh... you just called me. I hung up on you.
S: Well... that's not polite. You shouldn't do that.
J: I actually was quite polite with you.
S: We're human beings too, you know.
J: Uh... okay. Well, goodbye.
Utterly insane.

Scott responded:

You will accept our printing services, there is nothing you can say stop it. Our armed printing technicians will storm your office force our printing services on you at gunpoint. There is no defence. You will be overjoyed at out low rates or we will shoot you.

14 March 2007

Scott's rocket crocket

among my many talents is a 12 handicap in tournament level croquet...I can roquet and croquet with the best of them

i deliberately read that as "rocket and crocket", which to me sounds like a hollywood police action series. you know, "tune in for next exciting adventures of LA's finest cops, Rocket and Crocket, as they fight to clear the name of X while stopping a shipment of Y and bringing down the Z cartel, all while using as guns and cliches as possible. And lets not forget the explosions, preferrably on speedboats with lots of women in bikinis!"

Scott discusses anti-viral software

Wait a minute... a Microsoft product that completely fails to work as advertised and ends up causing far more damage and/or inconvenience than it ever came even close to preventing?

Surely that's unprecedented!

what do you mean damage? its protecting the users by deleting the infected emails! it works perfectly! it deletes all the other emails as well because they may have become infected by association. these viruses are tricky things. microsoft knows better than us. let go of your consciousness and give in to the will of microsoft, you know you want to

7 March 2007

Scott answers possible minister's question

I tried it once, it resulted in me having to write a PMQ on the whole thing.

Are ministerial requests annoying? Do they take up valuable time that could be better spent doing actual work?

Talking Points
  • Ministerial requests occur for even the tiniest, most annoying of reasons. In some cases there appear to be no identifiable reasons at all for the ministerial request to exist.
  • The irrelevance of ministerial requests places some question marks over the sanity of the minister and the various members of parliament.
[If asked about annoyance rating of ministerial requests]
Ministerial requests are clearly a waste of the department's time to follow up, are usually triggered when someone panics upon reading a poorly researched story in the press, and clearly indicate that I, the minister, am not of sound mind.

Scott creates new acronyms

From now on DVD shall stand for Delinquently Vertical Dinosaur.

Purely because it like the idea of being delinquently vertical, even though I'm no 100% sure what it means.

Scott has a dream

At one point i dreamt of a TV game/talent show hosted by Daryl Somers. he was talking to these three contestants that had just finished their act, 2 guys and a girl, all in costume, but for some reason the girl's costume was a huge cube, brightly coloured but still a cube, and all you could see of her were her legs sticking out the bottom. Darryl was commenting on her costume and then made a bad joke why this girl decided to dress up as a sunni muslim (because, you know, they were cubes...). He then ran into the audience and apologised to a woman wearing a headscarf if he offended her. That's all i can remember.

Scott talks of trades

Australian tradesmen are sensitive, new age guys. The whole arse crack display stuff is just a protective shell to keep the world from knowing the true tradesman inside, the one that hugs trees, goes to moon worship festivals, and plays the recorder to summon the mother goddess to help him unclog your toilet.

Scott makes spam

lets make our emails more spam like


Amazing news!!! Herbal nose enlargement pills!!!

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2 March 2007

Scott doesn't love his colleagues

My unit .. consists of [two men] who are decidedly not cool. Given the choice of hugging those two and smearing moss over my body before tapdancing over rusty nails on a live army firing range, the latter wins hands down.

1 March 2007

Scott love

self love is as important as love from others :P

i love myself which is why i strip for myself on special nights.

Scott is happy

i a bunny of delightedness