28 April 2009

Scott names a pony...

[During a discussion about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.]

I don't think that War's horse would be called War... probably something along the lines of "Crushing hooves of dispair"

probably Spot, unless Mrs War had a hand in naming him, of course

It's called George, after George Michael. War is a massive Wham fan.

14 April 2009

Scott fences some goods

Can I interest you in my sharp 'n' shiny wares? Guaranteed perfect for stabbing morons, idiots, nongs, wankers, peabrains, arseholes, noodle noggins, cabbage brains, dickheads, tosspots, f&$@tards and synapse bandits everywhere. You'd pay a fortune for these in any high street store but this is your lucky day as these little beauties have recently fallen off the back of a truck and are looking for a new home.

6 April 2009

Scott knows about squirrels...

[Upon encountering a conversation about football...]

Gah, football. I'm about as excited as squirrel finding an oboe in his horde of nuts. (Its common knowledge that squirrels have high disdain for wind instruments.)